Warframe Rolls Out Shazwin Class Update Turning Them Into Guitar Heroes

If you weren’t already sold on this free-to-play shooter with robot ninjas, Warframe ups the ante with their latest PC update. Released over the weekend, this update now allows players to play the previously decorative stringed-instruments known as Shawzin.

Warframe now has fully-playable guitar-like instruments called Shawzin
Warframe lets you be your own Guitar Hero

Reception from players overall has been positive with the Warframe Reddit slowly filling up with amazing covers of songs like Despacito, Old Town Road and House of the Rising Sun.

Don’t fret if you have not mastered your Shawzin skills yet, players are also able to record their covers and share the play patterns with other players. UI Programmer of Warframe, Pablo Alonso tweeted recently that they’re working on music sheets, providing a slowed-down version of the songs so that players may try their hand at honing their musical ability.

There is no news as of now if this feature will roll out on the console but in the meantime, this is a great time to pick up that old guitar-shaped controller and reminisce on the iconic Guitar Hero while getting some practice.

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