Upcoming Halo TV Series Will Have Two Showrunners

TV network Showtime has announced that they will add a second showrunner to the upcoming Halo live-action TV series.

Initially, Kyle Killen (AwakeMind Games) was to serve as the lone showrunner to facilitate the production and distribution of the ten-episode series, but this time his workload will be lessened considerably by the arrival of Steven Kane (The CloserAmerican Dad).

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This may serve as a confidence boost for the Halo team, especially with the departure of director Rupert Wyatt due to scheduling conflicts, who was initially set to take charge of several episodes of the series. As a result of Wyatt’s departure, an episode has been removed from the initial order of the show. Showtime has since put Black Mirror director Otto Bathurst at the helm.

Otto Bathurst

Principle photography is still on track to commence at Budapest, Hungary from June 2019 onwards, with speculative earliest premiere dates most likely in 2020.

Touted as Showtime’s “most ambitious series ever”, Halo has been in the works since its inception in 2014. The TV series is set in the same universe that the 2001 classic video game, Halo: Combat Evolved, kickstarted nearly two decades ago. Since then, the Halo universe has expanded with multiple sequel games, a prequel, spinoffs, as well as web series, novels and comic books.

Earlier this month, Microsoft/343 Industries announced the PC port for the Halo: The Master Chief Collection anthology series that will feature all the video games that came out when the franchise was still under Bungie.