Upcoming Dead Space Remake Stream Focuses On Auditory Horror

Upcoming Dead Space Remake Stream Focuses On Auditory Horror

If you are chomping at the bit for more news on that Dead Space reboot, then you need to be on alert this coming weekend. Developers EA Motive has teased an upcoming stream that will dive deep into the various sounds that will likely haunt your nightmares in the eventual release.

Starting this Friday (11 March) at 10AM PST / Saturday (12 March) 2AM GMT+8, fans will be able to hear from the developers themselves what is being done for the audio side of things. Seeing that much of what makes or breaks a horror experience can be sound, this is likely to be something substantial.

Also, coming from the last live stream, we know that EA Motive is not shy about sharing stuff behind-the-scenes for Dead Space. The team is aiming for a seamless experience, adding on more gameplay sections to those found in the original, and giving us more context and lore in the game’s universe.

The use of modern technology is going to improve the dismemberment aspects of the game and the overall graphical fidelity, and it will do the same for sound design as well.

Returning to the Ishimura with better graphical fidelity and improved sound design already, well, sounds like a nightmare. That will definitely be what invested fans are looking for, and hopefully, EA Motive is able to deliver on the promise of what was teased.

No release date has been set for the Dead Space reboot, but we will learn more come the stream later this week.