5 Things We Learnt From The Dead Space Remake Livestream

It was at the start of July that EA finally gave horror fans what they have been waiting for. The Dead Space remake was real, and the sci-fi horror classic would be coming to a new generation. While things are still at an early stage, we already know that there will no nasty microtransactions, and in a new live stream, EA gave even more details about the Dead Space remake.

At this early stage of development, EA Motive pulled back the curtain with the caveat that the project will require plenty more time before it is an actual product. However, having such transparency will help set the right expectations and allow for feedback to make sure the team gets it right.

What a difference 13 years makes. Read more about the Dead Space Remake: https://geekcu.lt/2WHspSW

Posted by Geek Culture on Tuesday, August 31, 2021

The new footage and details for the Dead Space remake will certainly pique the interest of fans, even if they are not fully fleshed out yet. EA Motive is prioritising an immersive experience on the USG Ishimura, and that includes new ways of reimagining the original game in several ways:

1. A Seamless Experience

The EA Motive team is aiming for no loading or cuts throughout the game, so you will have very little time to catch your breath while walking through the dark hallways and rooms that populate the game.

2. New Gameplay Sections

While not necessarily new, we got more details on how the Dead Space remake is potentially changing things up. This includes new and overhauled zero-gravity movement, 360-degree freedom, and letting players interact while flying. This will definitely throw veterans off-guard and let the team add in new content to the remake.

Improved combat in the Dead Space Remake

3. Enhanced Combat/Dismemberment

When we talk Dead Space, dismemberment is always going to be key, and the remake is no different. The system will be improved, and include the new “peeling” mechanic, which will enhance the non-carving weapons. Basically, you can look forward to removing flesh and exposing the bone of the enemies.

Impalements and partial dismemberment are also going to be part of the Dead Space remake. Those who love using severed limbs as weapons are going to be real happy.

4. Visual Improvements

On the visuals front, the studio has been revisiting legacy assets from the 2008 game. Updating the assets with more details for the geometry, adding shadings, materials, and VFX, and setting the right lighting. The differences are certainly stark, and already impressive.

Zero-G sections in the Dead Space Remake

5. Fleshing Out The Dead Space Remake World

While there is an updated look, the Dead Space remake will still stay true to the source material. Isaac Clarke will still be our hero, trapped and alone on the USG Ishimura. Yet, EA Motive is looking to build on the story that came before.

This means that more world-building elements, such as audio logs and information entries, will make their way into the game. Unshrouding the mysteries that started it all will be very cool indeed. Clarke himself will not be silent too, with Gunner Wright returning to lend his voice in the Dead Space remake. To keep things in the right mood, our beloved engineer will only speak when spoken to, and only in the most appropriate of situations.

Although this was an early look at the Dead Space remake, things are already shaping up quite nicely. The game is only currently about a year into development, and things will likely change down the road. Nevertheless, when it is eventually launched, players on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC will be in for a hopefully screaming good time.