Ultimate Gaming Onesie Includes Ridiculous ‘Toilet Mode’ For Easy Access To Private Parts

The gaming world has seen all sorts of quirky, bizarre, and ridiculous products, but the latest offering by Japanese company Bauhette may very well take the cake. Following the release of a gaming bed, and specialised chiropractic treatments for the resident hard-carry, the brand returns with a head scratcher: a ‘toilet mode‘ upgrade to its gaming onesie.

Known as the Ninja Onesie in English, the Damegi 4G, which first launched in 2019, is designed to keep gaming enthusiasts warm, comfortable, and in-tune with their needs. It offers features that are tailored for the most optimal gaming experience, such as a loose fitting hood to fit one’s headphones, adjustable sleeves to stop them from getting in the way of the mouse, and more.

But all of that, apparently, still don’t quite seem to fulfill the idea of the ultimate gaming onesie. Here’s where the ‘Drop Seat System 6.0‘ function enters the picture, taking the form of a zip that gives wearers quick and easy access to their nether regions. Yes, you read that right.

Even more hilarious, though, is its product description on Amazon Japan, which writes that the upgrade will allow for “amazingly speedy butt release and butt cleanup”. That’s…not exactly what ‘appeal’ means to the general public, but for onesie wearers, the accessibility – oh sorry, we mean ass-essibility – should be rather welcome. Tangled limbs when removing the onesie and shivering in the cold while undressed? No longer.

The Ninja Onesie is retailing for 11,097 yen.

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