Japanese Chiropractor Offers Gamer Treatments For Those Who Carry Their Teams Too Hard

Sore muscles and stiff shoulders are some of the most common ailments gamers suffer due to extended gaming sessions, oftentimes coupled with bad posture. Too much time spent bent over your computer, console, or mobile device can often leave your neck, back, and wrist in discomfort. 

Which is why Bauhutte, a gaming peripheral company in Japan is offering specialised Gaming Chiropractic treatments for gamers who’d like to alleviate their stiff and sore muscles after an intensive gaming session. 

Each Gaming Chiropractic session, which was developed in partnership with Naruo Pitto Chiropractic Clinic, will begin with the patient sitting at a desk on a gaming chair to allow the chiropractor to assess their posture while gaming as well as other biomechanics.

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A total of four different chiropractic courses will be offered at the clinic.

This includes the Headshot Course which focuses on the neck and shoulders of the patient.

The Aim Course which aims (hah) to rejuvenate the tired arms, wrists, and hands of gamers from the many minute mouse movements made during a match.

The Update Course centres around the lower back, which is often worn out from the weight of having to carry the team to victory. 

And lastly, the Cheat Course which consists of a full-body package that incorporates massages, stretching, and more.

According to Bauhutte, the treatments will not only alleviate discomfort in your body, it’ll also help to improve your gaming performance.

Prices for the treatments start at 2,500 yen (US$24) for a 40-minute Aim Course session. 

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