Japan Releases Gaming Mattress That Looks Uncomfortable, Has No RGB Lights

Gaming has moved beyond being a mere hobby to being ubiquitous in the modern person’s life. What was seen as a niche interest for geeks is now commonplace. In one form or another, be it on mobile, PC, console, or tablet, people will play video games at some point in their lives.

Given how widespread gaming has become, gaming peripherals also prove to be a lucrative market. There are gaming chairs, gaming keyboards, gaming monitors, and even gaming energy drinks. Now, Japan’s Bauhutte has released the Gaming Mattress.

The mattress itself features many slits in the foam to provide varying degrees of firmness and support. Presumably, this is meant to make for a comfortable, high quality slumber. However, it is hard to see how this is a significant improvement from most other mattresses, especially given how thin the Gaming Mattress looks.

Releasing a mattress does make some sense for Bauhutte, as they have released products that can be combined into a gaming bed set-up, such as the bed desk, side-board, side table, and so on. The mattress simply completes the rig.

On 2ch, which is Japan’s largest bulletin board, netizens do have some misgivings about the product. Some state that the mattress doesn’t have anything to do with gaming or even improve gaming specifically, and is just a regular mattress. Others state that the mattress should be giving off light to be considered a gaming product.

Bauhutte’s gaming mattress will come in three sizes – single, semi-double, and double. The price ranges from US$256 (28,500 yen) to US$391 (43,500 yen). Since comfort is a big focus for gamers, maybe there’s a chance that other companies specializing in gaming peripherals will jump onto this bandwagon.

If you think this is totally out of the blue, Bauhtte has previously launched specialised Gaming Chiropractic treatments for gamers for folks who have been carrying their teams too hard.