Transformers: The Last Knight Sequel Being Developed Despite Bumblebee Rebooting Franchise

It’s a weird time for followers of the Transformers movie franchise.

On one hand, we’re getting exciting news that the Michael Bay-led live-action adaptation of the popular toy series is getting a soft reboot, spearheaded by the loveable Bumblebee solo film, as well as a proper origin story of the Transformers movie-verse with the upcoming Netflix animated movie series War for Cybertron. And on the other hand, we have… a to Transformers: The Last Knight?

Transformers: The Last Knight (2017)

Franchise producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura confirmed this alongside a Bumblebee sequel, once more putting the cosmos of the film franchise in a state of disarray to some extent, in an interview with Japanese web magazine Cinema.

“Our greatest mission is [for] the audience to be satisfied”, claimed Di Bonaventura in the interview. “We are already working on two projects and are in the process of writing a script. One is the latest in the main family series following Transformers: The Last Knight and the other is a sequel to Bumblebee.”

Transformers movie franchise producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura.

Surely this seems a bizarre choice in the eyes of many a fan, especially considering how badly The Last Knight did at the box office, despite being touted to introduce larger lore elements to the Bay-formers movie universe. However, Di Bonaventura seems confident in studio Paramount Pictures‘ decision to greenlight the sequel to The Last Knight, which is reportedly under development.

“I always try to get involved in the project from the [screenplay] stage. By doing so, I can fully understand what the work is about to convey, and I will match the director who matched the work.”

True enough, Di Lorenzo’s faith in franchise newcomer Travis Knight on Bumblebee paid off with dividends on both the financial and critical aspects of the film, doing relatively well in the box office, in stark contrast to the previous five Bay films, The Last Knight included.

Bumblebee (2018)

It isn’t confirmed who will helm the making of The Last Knight‘s sequel, but if Di Lorenzo says it’s in good hands, then we should probably give this one a chance, even if it confuses the Transformers movie timeline a little.

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