Top 8 Movies To Catch On Disney+ Singapore For Sci-Fi / Video Game Geeks

The time to experience the Disney magic is finally here, as the long-awaited Disney+ has landed on the shores of Singapore. Spanning across a wide range of genres, the House of Mouse’s streaming service offers entertainment galore, from blockbuster movies and hit television shows to original content.

With the same-day launch of Disney Star, which brings mature and adult titles to the table, users are even more spoiled for choice. The expanded line-up, however, would mean that the decision-making process is about to get a little more time-consuming, as enthusiasts spend more time scrolling through the catalogue and mulling over the available options. 

Here’s we’ve got you covered. Docuseries fans can check out eight suggested works that delve into the unexplored parts of both the entertainment and real world, while those looking for fresh movies may add five starters to their watchlists. As for sci-fi and video game geeks, Disney+ has a good mix of both ageless classics and more recent flicks, eight of which come highly-recommended in the list below (do note that Star Wars and Marvel superhero flicks are excluded to allow for more varied options).

Alita: Battle Angel

Alita: Battle Angel’s story is far from the best, but if there’s something that the cyberpunk action movie did exceptionally well in, it’s the spectacular dazzle of visual effects and the adrenaline-pumping, quick-paced action scenes. Armed with a special brand of charm, the sci-fi epic makes for an entertaining and exhilarating watch, especially if all you wish to do is sit back, unwind, and enjoy Alita dish out those lethal Panzer-Kunst chops. 


The world of Pandora opens its doors once again, and it doesn’t get any more slick and beautiful on a screen than this. From the moon’s lush forests to the gorgeous illumination of the night environment, Avatar’s visual prowess never ceases to amaze – and the viewing experience is only enhanced with Disney+’s 4K stream option. It’s all very bewitching, with the added dose of action, romance, and good-triumphs-evil trope bringing more depth to the narrative.

Big Hero 6

There’s plenty to love about Big Hero 6. An animated feature film that’s full of heart, it serves up a wholesome concoction of superhero action, great characterisation, emotional bonding, heartwarming camaraderie, and entertaining humour. If you’re looking to scratch the itch that’s the blend of Marvel charm and Disney wonder, San Fransokyo and its band of misfit heroes are your best bet. Oh, and who can forget the ever-huggable Baymax? 

Isle of Dogs

The greatest charm of Wes Anderson’s stop-motion work is its clever, deadpan humour that translates extremely well into animated detail. Set in an imagined future of Japan, Isle of Dogs follows a boy’s journey as he searches for his own dog on Trash Island, which is, well, the isle of dogs, with the aid of pack leader Chief. It’s not often that a risk pays off, and this is certainly one of those times.

The Martian

Space films have been around for quite a while now, but Scott Ridley’s The Martian manages to set itself apart with its attempt to preserve scientific accuracy. But there’s more going for it than that – the skilful blend of narrative direction, screenplay, music score, and visual effects makes it a must-watch for those seeking to soothe that space-narrative itch. While the movie is not quite on the same level as Alien and Blade Runner in terms of pushing the boundaries, it still has plenty of watch value. 


A sci-fi classic that has gathered a cult following over the years, Tron became known for its groundbreaking visuals and acting during the ‘80s. The movie will delight video-game enthusiasts and those with an adventurous spirit, offering an exciting dazzler of light and sound that tides viewers through a handful of narrative bumps. Old is indeed gold, it seems. 


The result of pushing human imagination beyond its limits, Wall-E is a sincere, charming, and optimistic screen romance that will not only captivate the young ones, but adult audiences too. What’s impressive is the movie’s success in conveying effective emotional moments despite the characters’ lack of speech and facial cues (mouth, eyebrows, etc), which makes it one of Disney-Pixar’s best originals. A must-watch for family movie sessions. 

War of the Planet of Apes

The third entry in the Planet of the Apes film series, War of the Planet of Apes impresses in many aspects, with extra credit given to its exploration of complex moralities. Featuring a skilful blend of breathtaking special effects, great cinematography, and a poignantly strong narrative, it breaks the all-bling-no-substance mould of big sci-fi titles. Machine guns, talking animals, and exploding guns? You’ll have them all – and then some. A lot more of the some, in fact.

That wraps up our suggestions for sci-fi and video game geeks who are embarking on their Disney+ Singapore experience. It goes without saying, but don’t restrict yourself to the above list – there are plenty more options to explore on the service. As for folks who are still on the fence about getting a subscription? Let our all-in-one guide help you out. 

Happy watching, fellow geeks!