DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Features 12 Official Dubs And 30 Language Subs For Fans All Over The World

Only a month away from the premiere on Netflix, the announcement of DOTA: Dragon’s Blood came as a surprise and got fans all perked up after seeing many of their favourite in-game characters come to life as an animation.

Based on one if not the most popular Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game in the world, DOTA is a highly competitive 5v5 team game that puts two team’s wits and skill to the test. With millions of daily players and one of the top Esports in the world, DOTA is known for its global audience and inclusivity.

With its massive international market, DOTA just announced that the animation will feature 12 voiced language and 30 subtitled languages!

It’s a great reminder of how inclusive DOTA has always been. Nothing feels like going into the game to learn different regional languages so that you can put them back to good use after you lose. Now, we can properly pick those languages up while enjoying the animation at the same time.

If anything I’ll bring you back to the day where you’d scream “putang ina mo” at the Mirana who’s been feeding all game and missing her arrow.

DOTA: Dragon’s Blood will premiere on Netflix 25 March.

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