Full Speed Ahead For Masters Of The Universe Movie In 2019

It looks like Hollywood is continually looking to tap into the endless well of nostalgia to reinvigorate franchises to rake in the extra bucks. With word that a M.A.S.K. movie franchise is in the works, Sony Pictures has taken this opportunity to revive interest in their own Masters Of The Universe movie for 2019.

The original plan was for David S. Goyer (The Dark Knight Trilogy) to direct the production, however, those reins have been now passed on to another brotherly pair, the Nee Brothers.

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If you’re wondering who the Nee Brothers are, so were we. After a bit of digging around the Internet, we learned that the Nee Brothers are best known for their comedies, The Last Romantic, and Band of Robbers. The premise of the latter can be summed up as a modern day Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn playing grown men in a modern crime story. If they could pull that off maybe they could do the same with Masters Of The Universe.

Considering that Masters Of The Universe has quite a rich history, it’s gonna be tricky to pull live action off. Most fans do think fondly of the toy franchise and given the number of reboots He-Man and the gang have gone through, only the original look still maintains the strongest tie to the fan base. After all, with the most recent and Ultimate toy run by Super 7 for He-Man and gang getting sold out at the pre-order stage despite costing a pretty penny, the ideal here is that the movie will be able to generate a good run of affordable and good looking toys.


Beware though, the last time a Masters Of The Universe live-action movie featuring Dolph Lundgren did happen, it clearly didn’t pay enough attention to the source material. Thus eventually resulting in a critical failure at the box office. Given that Sony Pictures seems to have regained the magic touch at the box office with Jumanji, perhaps some of that luck could rub off onto the upcoming Masters Of The Universe movie come 2019.

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