This Fan-Made Overwatch Trailer Makes You Wish You Could Play As Link

Just imagine. Link from The Legend of Zelda as a playable character in Overwatch. How epic would that be?

As it turns out, a crew of talented animators have joined forces who were from various parts of the game dev industry to bring this Nintendo icon to life (albeit unofficially) via a trailer they published on Vimeo.


This incarnation of Link is as faithful as it gets, with the green-clad Hero of Hyrule sporting the Master Sword, as well as the Shield of Hyrule, brandishing them in typical Link fashion.

They’ve even included several custom highlight animations, including Link charging forward with his sword and shield (which looks similar to that of current Overwatch hero Brigitte), as well as him opening a treasure chest, accompanied by that iconic treasure chest sound effect, for good measure.


The team includes:

  • Stéphane Videlo, who was responsible for most of the 3D animation;
  • Aaron Walker (Spyro Reignited), who designed Link’s character model;
  • Jeremy Vitry (Overwatch), who worked on the concept art for Link;
  • Etienne POV (Ori and the Blind Forest), who developed Link’s VFX;
  • and Philemon Belhomme (Darkburg), who did props, background and rendering.

It’s amazing to think that this was just a fan-made trailer. It does leave room for imagination to see how Link would fit into the realms of Overwatch. Seeing how fluidly he plays on the likes of Super Smash Bros. UItimate on the Nintendo Switch, and considering the fact that there are Overwatch heroes such as Brigitte and Reinhardt already in the roster, it wouldn’t be too far off to see how Blizzard can actually pull such a collab off.

Considering how Blizzard has done cool Easter Eggs from time to time in their games, such as Stan Lee in World of Warcraft, it wouldn’t harm them to try a Link-shaped one on Overwatch.

And speaking of Nintendo, since Overwatch is coming to the Switch this month, why the hell not?