Overwatch Will Be Making Its Way To The Nintendo Switch On October 15

Rumours of an Overwatch port to the Switch have been making its way around the internet for the past few days and now, it has officially been confirmed. Nintendo has just announced during their Nintendo Direct that Overwatch will be making its way to the Nintendo Switch on October 15, 2019.

In addition to the Switch port, the game will come with two new heroes from 2019, Baptiste and Sigma, along with several major changes such as the Workshop mode as well as the new role queue feature which is designed to help players get more balanced team compositions.

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Aside from these in-game additions, the game will also come bundled with 15 character skins as well as a three-month Nintendo Switch Online individual membership. 

The rumour of a Nintendo Switch port for Overwatch first surfaced with an accidental listing by PowerA. For a brief moment, the gaming peripheral company listed a black and orange carrying case for the Nintendo Switch on their Amazon page. On the carrying case is the Overwatch logo which led many to presume that Blizzard and Nintendo will be bringing Overwatch to the Nintendo Switch. 

Overwatch’s move to the Switch will help introduce this already massively popular game, with over 40 million players, to a new audience and help grow its player base even more. Of course, Overwatch will not be the first game from Blizzard to be on the Nintendo Switch, as Diablo 3 have long made its way to the portable console in 2018. 

Now that we have confirmation of Overwatch’s Switch port, perhaps we’ll be hearing news of an Overwatch hero appearing in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate sometime in the near future?