The Witcher Season 2 Production Continues Despite Henry Cavill Being Injured On Set

There is always a risk of getting injured when filming on set and it seems that is exactly what has happened to Henry Cavill on the set of Netflix’s drama series The Witcher

According to Deadline, Cavill has sustained “minor leg muscle injury” during the production of the series at Arborfield Studios in West London. The actor is expected to stop filming for a short period of time as he rests and recuperates. Despite its lead actor being sidelined, it seems filming will go on as per normal around Cavill.

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News of Cavill’s injury was first reported by U.K. newspaper The Sun, who noted that Cavill got injured on an assault course while 20 feet in the air and secured by a safety harness. 

Production for the second season of The Witcher has faced multiple disruptions, with it being shut down in early 2020 due to the rising coronavirus pandemic and once again in early November due to four staff testing positive for the coronavirus. Perhaps it is due to these multiple hiatus that the showrunners have decided to continue filming even with Cavill injured.

It is unfortunate for Cavill to have gotten injured just as filming for the series is starting to pick up once again but we can see that the other cast and crew are determined to have the show go on despite that small bump and we can only hope that Cavill recovers quickly and is able to get back to filming once again.

The Witcher season two is looking to release on Netflix sometime in 2021.