The PlayStation 5 Digital Edition’s Stock Reportedly Lesser Than Standard Console

It’s no surprise that the PlayStation 5 is hot property these days. Especially after that amazing showcase last week, it’s hard not to be excited for Sony’s latest game console and not want to fork out your hard-earned money to pre-order it now.

But of course, many would know that pre-ordering a PS5 is a massive undertaking in and of itself, as stocks seem to be running out just about everywhere now. As it turns out, the case is even more dire for the Digital Edition than the standard one.

Eurogamer reports having spoken to various retailers over the week, and have deduced that Sony seemed to have produced significantly lesser stock for PS5 Digital Edition as compared to the standard edition.

According to its sources, the ratio of the regular PS5 to the Digital Edition in the UK ranged from about 3:1 to about 5:1. Ars Technica also did a poll in GameStop stores in the US, and gleaned that a similar ratio for the Digital Edition was also available for pre-order.

To further add to context, Geek Culture understands that stocks for the Digital Edition in Singapore are as low as 10% compared to the standard PS5.

Sony Interactive Entertainment president Jim Ryan made no comment regarding the low Digital Edition stocks, though he did say last weel in an interview with AV Watch (translated by VGC) that Sony “plans to produce the necessary number of units to meet the demand for that model type”.

To what extent Sony will fulfill that promise remains to be seen, though it might be pertinent that stocks for both editions of the PlayStation 5 are slated to arrive as early as December 2020.