Low Stocks For PlayStation 5 Expected In Singapore At Launch

Before you start shelling out your wallet to head out to place a deposit for a pre-order of the PlayStation 5 in Singapore, hear us out first: you might not be guaranteed a unit right away.

While pre-orders for the PS5 begin today, 18 September, know that stocks might be VERY LIMITED for the initial launch of Sony’s latest flagship console when it launches in Singapore on 19 November.

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Geek Culture understands that the various retailers across the island will only be holding as much as 200 units across the board, regardless of the number of outlets said retailer has, and whether the retailer is online or offline.

Though your chances of nabbing a PS5 anywhere right now remain slim, you might fare better getting it from retailers with single outlets, though we imagine queues there are expected to be quite long.

By comparison, pre-order stocks for the PlayStation 4 were at least 5 times more when it launched in Singapore back in 2013. That’s how limited the stock looks from what we’re hearing, though it might not exactly be anyone’s fault in particular.

This limited stock is on part due to various factors, mainly shipment delays due to COVID-19.

Not all is doom and gloom for the PS5, though, as it is expected that restocks are to arrive some time in December — a nice way to end an already tumultuous 2020.

But of course, if you’re feeling confident, you could always try and pre-order a PS5 for yourself today, from 11 am onwards.