Mando Mondays Kick Off With A Slew Of The Mandalorian Toys & Merchandise

The Mandalorian took the world and internet by storm. Centred around a Mandalorian named Din Djarin and his tiny friend The Child aka Baby Yoda, the show has grown a strong loyal fanbase and won a total of 7 Emmy Awards. Fans clamour on to any meme, plushies and merchandise they can get ahold of. But why do that when Disney has just launched Mando Mondays?

Kicking off on 26 October, Mando Mondays is a new program by Disney and Lucasfilm that brings all the goods from the beloved show to the fans. Every Monday, the program will release new toys, collectables, apparels, books, comics and digital content up for pre-order and purchase.

Mando Mondays will run weekly for nine weeks from 26 October to 21 December 2020.

Here are some of our hot picks that are available for pre-order now:

Sideshow The Mandalorian Premium Format Figure

Sometimes bigger is better. This polystone Mandalorian Premium Format Figure measures 20 inches tall and is a detailed, dynamic, fully sculpted depiction of Mando himself. And of course, standing beside him is The Child in his hovering pram. Truly an iconic scene and figure that can take breaths away. Pre-orders are up now for US$630 on Sideshow.

LEGO Star Wars The Child

If you’re looking for something that’ll drop jaws to the floor, this LEGO sculpture of Baby Yoda is bound to do it. Similar to a Funko Pop, LEGOs are the perfect merchandise to have for beginner collectors and casual fans. Given the long-standing love LEGO receives from the geek community, this is something that will sit perfectly in a display cabinet or even as a centrepiece – depending on how big of a fan you are. Pre-orders are up now on LEGO.com.

Gentle Giant The Child Bust

Can’t get enough of Baby Yoda? Consider having this giant sculpture of Baby Yoda aptly made by Gentle Giant. Preorders are up now on Amazon and Entertainment Earth and starts shipping in March 2021.

Hasbro’s Star Wars The Bounty Collection Series 2 

We’re honestly not over how adorable series 1 was, and now Hasbro’s launching a series 2? This 2-pack collectible toys models after some of the cutest Baby Yoda poses and scenes seen in The Mandalorian. Take all our money! Pre-orders are up now on Entertainment Earth.

More Funko Pop Vinyl Figures!

Who doesn’t have a Funko Pop of their favourite show? And there’s more coming this November. The Mandalorian Flying with The Child and The Child with Bag.

There you have it – our top hot picks from Mando Mondays! If you’re a fan of the acclaimed Disney+ series you have to have one of them – sorry, we don’t make the rules.

Season 2 of The Mandalorian debuts on Disney+, 30 October 2020.