The Nintendo Switch Has Outsold The Lifetime Total of The 3DS

Following a strong 2020, the Nintendo Switch console has finally overtaken the 3DS in terms of sales. This is likely due to most individuals being stuck indoors for most of the year.

Overtaking the sales of a previous generation of video game consoles is never a given, considering that the Wii U struggled to match the Wii’s success.

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The Nintendo Switch’s achievement comes four years after the console was released initially in 2017.

The Nintendo Switch has currently sold 79.87m consoles versus the once prevailing champion Nintendo 3DS’s 75.94m. The last three months of 2020 brought up the Switch’s sale by 7%. With 27% of those sales accounted for the Switch Lite, it is now only a few thousand sales away to surpass Wii U’s lifetime figure of 13.56m consoles sold. 

Video game analyst Daniel Ahmad tracks Switch’s sales performance versus the other recent Nintendo consoles in his tweet below. According to him, it is not long before Switch catches up to the Nintendo DS by the end of this year.

What comes with their success are rumors of a new Switch model. Since now would seem like the most favourable time to announce any new upgraded model amidst a global inventory low PS5 console. Despite the circulating reports, Nintendo has been coy around discussing any new Switch models.

According to Bloomberg’s Takashi Mochizuki and his Q&A session with Nintendo, they are not planning an announcement  “anytime soon” due to the new Mario Red & Blue Nintendo Switch and Monster Hunter Rise Magnamalo Edition releasing in the coming months.

This vague response is still not an outright denial for the production of a highly anticipated upgrade to the current Switch console. Given the console’s lifespan, the possibility still exists and we’re happy to wait.