Netflix Teases Kaiju Return With Pacific Rim: The Black Animated Trailer

The Kaijus have reached Australia. 

In Netflix’s new animated series in partnership with Legendary Television Studios and Polygon Pictures, Pacific Rim gets an “anime” remake.

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The trailer starts off with two siblings, desperate to find their parents, they figure out how to control an abandoned Jaeger and combat the Kaijus that are destroying their home.

The animated series is based on the original movie, Pacific Rim, directed by Guillermo del Toro in 2013. In that movie, Jaegers were controlled by two pilots that are mind-linked to synchronously fight back the mutant monsters that rampage the world. 

The trailer hints that the concept of mind linking, also known as “drifting”, is continued in the animation as well. If anything we should be expecting plenty of Kaiju battles in the series. After all, it’s the massive fights that made the original movie that awesome.

The first season of the Pacific Rim: The Black series will be released on 4 March 2021.