I’ve always wondered why LEGO haven’t released any Lightsaber sets to date, but instead kept re-hashing the same vehicles over and over. LEGO Ideas user scott34567 has done just that, with a set that captures the iconic form of Darth Vader’s and Luke Skywalker’s Return of the Jedi lightsabers in brick-built LEGO form.

Now that the idea has hit 10,000 supporters, it is moving on to the review stage by the “LEGO Review Board”. Let’s keep our geeky fingers crossed that it will get released officially! I’m already a proud owner of two other iconic LEGO Idea sets that were released previously, the DeLorean Time Machine, and the Ghostbusters Ecto-1, so SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY already!

Check out the project site here, and scroll down for more photos of this gorgeous set.

This set include a Luke and Vader minifigure, two brick built lightsabers, and a display stand.
Each lightsaber even has a crystal inside of it!

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Yonk is a geek who is fortunate enough to have an equally geeky Star Wars fan for a wife, who owns a LEGO Millennium Falcon encased in a glass coffee table as their home's centre-piece.