5 things you already knew about Terminator 2 (but you’ll read anyway because you love the movie)

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the 9th time I saw this movie, so I figured I’d take a look back at this classic sci-fi movie and dig up some very well-known facts about it. In fact, you will probably not learn anything at all from reading this article. Let me stress that again: you are not going to get any smarter from reading this article. You’re just going to waste time reading stuff you already know about a movie you probably love a lot. Otherwise, why are you here?

1 – It is a sequel.

Believe it or not, Terminator 2 was not an original IP when it was released in 1991. It was actually a sequel to The Terminator, an earlier James Cameron movie released in 1984. The “2” in the title denotes that it is the second movie in the franchise, not the fact that there are 2 terminators in the story.

2 – Both T-800 terminators in the first two movies are played by the same guy.

kindergarten-cop If you’re wondering why the big beefy terminator in the first two movies look the same, that’s because they’re played by the same guy: a famous body-builder turned actor named Arnold Schwarzenegger. You might also know him as the former governor of California.

3 – The T-1000’s morphing shots were done by computers.

If you’re wondering how they managed to make molten metal walk through a barred door in the same of a man, it’s actually through computer animation. I’m sure the filmmakers originally tried to make an intelligent and trainable mercury compound, but figured it’d be easier to just fake it.

4 – Arnold Schwarzenegger’s catch phrase is “I’ll be back!”

If you’re wondering why the Terminator says “I’ll be back” in the movie, it’s because it was the actor’s catchphrase during the 80s and 90s. It started with The Terminator, then went on to his other movies like The Running Man, Kindergarten Cop and Last Action Hero.

5 – The theme song was by Guns N’ Roses.

Guess it totally makes sense now why Guns N’ Roses had a music video starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator and featuring scenes from the movie.

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