The first photos (see above) of the official Lego Back to the Future set, including the minifigs for Marty McFly and Doc Brown have just been revealed by the folks at BrickNews. Somehow, we feel that the original design approved by Lego Cuusoo looked far prettier (scroll down to see them, or head here). Apparently, you’ll be able to create all the three versions of the car using the pieces in this set! How cool is that?

The set is currently slated for 18th July release, and will cost around US$50. Do you think its a MUST-BUY? As big of a BTTF fan as we are, we’ll have to see first at this point.

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The original Lego Cuusoo project for BTTF 1
The original Lego Cuusoo project for BTTF 2
The original Lego Cuusoo project for BTTF 3
The proposed minifigs
The original Lego Cuusoo project

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