The Joy Of Bringing About The Dinosaur Apocalypse In ‘Exoprimal’ Closed Network Test

When a game invites players to fight dinosaurs in time-warping adventures using mech suits of varying abilities, that tends to grab the attention in the right way. Having tested out Capcom‘s upcoming Exoprimal in a Closed Network Test, the fun is there, even if there is still some work to do.

Of course, at this stage, it would be crazy to judge the game for what it could be. However, for what it is – a team-based experience that pits players against each other while adding the threat of dinosaurs in the test’s Dino Survival mode – we can see the potential of Exoprimal being an entertaining cooperative experience.

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With different mechs to choose from and different dinosaur threats to hold off, Dino Survival starts off with the action focusing on your team only. Racing against your opponents, it becomes a test of who can complete the objectives first, which is mainly killing the prehistoric threats. Fast forward to the endgame, and it becomes more of a traditional multiplayer experience, with both the objectives of grabbing enough energy cartridges while keeping the other team at bay.

Geek Preview The Joy Of Bringing About The Dinosaur Apocalypse In 'Exoprimal'

It remains to be seen just how the meta will work out when it comes to team configurations, while the dinosaurs mainly function as fodder or distractions, especially at the end. From assault, tank, support, to even melee classes, at least Exoprimal is giving players options. Aside from combat prowess, the exosuits also bring additional toys like portable barriers and even dinosaur domination into the picture. Who doesn’t want to control a T-Rex in battle?

There is still a fair bit of runway to go for the game, and in its limited form, it is likely that this Capcom project is more of a cult classic waiting to happen rather than a title that will garner impressive plaudits and general acclaim, and that’s okay. After all, it is not everyday players can get to blast dinosaurs to smithereens in the name of saving the world.