The Hot Toys 1/6 Millennium Falcon Diorama Revisited in Hong Kong

Other than the giant Star Wars LEGO exhibits at the entrance of Times Square in Hong Kong, there was yet another exhibit at the indoor atrium of Times Square by the premium collectible designers, Hot Toys. The exhibit featured a diorama of a rumoured scene that was cut from The Force Awakens, where Kylo Ren boards the Millennium Falcon to search it.

Like the LEGO exhibits outside Times Square, this diorama is no longer exhibited since 1st January 2016. However, you can have a browse at our photo gallery featuring the 1/6th Scale Millennium Falcon, The First Order Transporter and various other prized Hot Toys figures.


The 1/6th Scale Millennium Falcon was massive, measuring in at 5.5m x 3.5m, which debuted at the 2015 Ani-Com and Games Hong Kong (ACGHK) show. This time, the model was updated with the new rectangle radar dish which was represented in The Force Awakens version of the Millennium Falcon.



Just next to the Millennium Falcon was the First Order Transporter, with a Stormtrooper mounted at the guns.


Like the Millennium Falcon, the engines of the First Order Transporter was lighted up and sculpted with great detail.


Captain Phasma and Kylo Ren leads a team of Stormtroopers to board and search the Millennium Falcon.


The First Order Stormtroopers standing guard at their Transporter.


Behind the Millennium Falcon diorama was a 1/1 scale model of everybody’s favourite droid, BB-8 and a replica of Rey’s desert costume. It was pretty cute how the locals in Hong Kong pronounce BB-8 in Mandarin, which sounded like “Pip-Pip-Pah”.


Besides BB-8, there were the 1/1 scale replicas of costumes from The Force Awakens movie.

Of course, this exhibit was a great opportunity for Hot Toys to promote their premium figures available for pre-order in four glass display shelves.

Boy, if only we had the cash and space to buy and display all these!