No matter which side of the Force you are aligned with, Under Armour is the next brand riding on the Star Wars wave, complementing of your workout routine. With their new range of Star Wars themed fitness wear ranging from regular tees, compression wear and hoodies, there looks to be an item worth picking up if you’re a fitness buff.

Similar to what Under Armour released for the Avengers, it’s time for you to look like Darth Vader or your favourite generic Stormtrooper while working out. They do look pretty spiffy and the details for the Stormtrooper compression wear extends all the way to the back which is a nice touch.

These shirts are the best of the range and Yoda’s “Do or Do Not” line might just be the right motivational speak to hear when you’re pushing your limits in the gym. As it takes up the entire front, it’s hard to miss in the mirror.


At this juncture, it kind of feels that the designers suddenly gave up and working with one of the most loved IPs in the world didn’t matter. The brand name in Star Wars font is just pure lazy and disappointing.

If you’re keen to check out what else is offered in the range, check out the Under Armour website.

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