Here’s how you can score Changi Airport’s Exclusive Star Wars Plush Toys

Taking advantage of all that potential foot traffic generated from Star Wars fans going in and out of Changi Airport, the retail arm has launched a ranged of Limited Edition Star Wars Plushies that would look awesome lining any shelf in your geek home.

The tricky thing is that you might not actually find a range of items that you might need at the airport. After all, shopping at the airport would be the last thing that would cross anyone’s mind. Thankfully, looking into the finer details, there seems to be an opportunity that makes it a win-win for both us as the consumer and the airport.

Geek ProTip

Within the promotional material itself, it states that with a spend of S$140 at NTUC, you will be eligible for the plushies. This figure is higher than the normal amount needed. But, if the spend at NTUC is in the form of cash vouchers, it makes perfect sense to obtain something more liquid.

Creative ways to obtain the loot? Han Solo would be proud.

Here’s the lowdown on the full mechanics from SilverKris.com:

Star Wars has arrived at Changi Airport – in the form of eight different plush toys. You can redeem these toys with purchases in the airport or at ishopchangi.com from November 17, 2015 to January 5, 2016. Here’s where and how you can get them:

Spend a minimum of S$70 (or S$140 at supermarkets) in a single receipt to redeem a Star Wars plush toy for S$6.

Spend a minimum of S$150 in a single receipt to redeem one of the plush toys for S$6.

Spend a minimum of S$300 in a single transaction to redeem two Star Wars plush toys for free, or S$550 in a single transaction to redeem four Star Wars plush toys for free.

You can redeem a full set of eight Star Wars plush toys (above) in a special bag for free when you spend at least S$1,500 (S$1,200 if you are a Platinum member) in Changi Airport or at ishopchangi.com. The offer is limited to the first 1,000 redemptions with the qualifying net spending during the promotion period. For more information on the promotion and available designs, visit changiairport.com.

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