The Dark Knight Rises As Batman Arrives In Fortnite

To celebrate his 80th birthday, the Dark Knight swoops into Fortnite to save Gotham City. Epic Games announced over the weekend that from now till October 6, players have a chance to grab some sweet Batman goodies.

The Batman Caped Crusader Pack is available for purchase on the in-game store. It includes a Batwing-style glider, a Batman-themed harvesting tool and two Batman skins, the Batman Comic Book Outfit and The Dark Knight Movie Outfit.

The Dark Knight Rises As Batman Arrives In Fortnite - Costumes

The shop also has a little something for Batman’s lover/enemy Catwoman along with some individual themed items.

The Dark Knight Rises As Batman Arrives In Fortnite - Catwoman

Batman is not complete without his favourite gadgets. In this special crossover, a new Rift Zone has transformed Tilted Town into Gotham City. Players can find and use Batman’s iconic Grapnel Gun and Explosive Batarang.

Until October 1, there will also be a set of challenges which unlocks other Batman-inspired cosmetics like the Catwing Glider. You don’t have to have the Season 10 Battle Pass in order to participate in these challenges and reap the rewards.

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Season 10 of Fortnite is about to end on October 6, so time is ticking on completing the challenges.

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