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Fortnite Held A Marshmello Concert And It Looked Pretty Amazing

A live concert actually took place in a video game, what a world we are living in now.

Soulja Boy Announces That Fortnite Will Be On The Next Soulja Console, Epic Games Says No

Was this what he meant when he asked us to watch him Crank That?

The Division 2 Private Beta Begins On February 7!

The Division 2 will hold a private beta phase in anticipation of its March release.

Epic Sued By Orange Shirt Kid’s Mum For Including Dance Moves In Fortnite

Unlike the emote, this piece of news is not an exercise.

Ubisoft Partners With Epic Games Store For Division 2, Eliminates Steam

The PC master race between Epic Games and Valve is on.

Fortnite Is Being Sued For Lifting ‘The Carlton Dance’

Big studios, small artists and the copyright grey area.

Epic Working On Solution To Merge Fortnite Cross-Platform Accounts

Epic continues to do the best thing for gamers.

Fortnite Could Possibly Head Over To The Nintendo Switch

Possibly more battle royale on the go.