The CW Scraps Wonder Girl TV Series

The CW has been the home of many DC television content over the past couple of years. From The Flash, Superman and Lois and Batwoman, you want something DC? The CW has got it. However, just months after announcing that a Wonder Girl TV series was greenlit, the network has decided to pull the plugs.

In a heartbreaking tweet by Dailyn Rodriguez, the scriptwriter shared that Wonder Girl has not been picked up at The CW and thanked fans for their support and enthusiasm throughout the short journey.

“So some sad news. For all of those asking, Wonder Girl is not getting picked up at the CW. I was very proud of the script I wrote. Wish I could’ve shared the world I created, but unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be. Thanks for everyone’s enthusiasm. It meant a lot to me,” wrote Rodriguez.

wonder girl

Fans have been looking forward to Wonder Girl ever since the network announced that Supergirl will finally reach the end of her six-seasons journey this year.

Wonder Girl would have followed Yara Flor, whose parents were an Amazonian Warrior and a Brazilian River God, in discovering her powers and becoming the next protector of Themyscira.

Whilst Rodriguez didn’t share why the network passed on the series, fans should not lose hope. Who knows? Maybe another network might pick it up.

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