New Gods: Nezha Reborn Looks Like Nezha Reincarnated In The World Of FF7

From the same studio that brought the well-received White Snake in 2019, Light Chaser Animation is back this Lunar New Year with a modern retelling of the beloved deity Nezha in New Gods: Nezha Reborn.

This time, Nezha is reborn 3,000 years later in a dystopian future, in a world very reminiscence of Midgar from Final Fantasy VII. Check out the trailer above and to draw upon the similarities for yourself.

Based on the title of the film, it would seem the studio might be looking at a whole series of “New Gods” modern retelling of our favourite Chinese deities. Want to take bets that New Gods: Wukong Reborn will be next? No modern retelling could miss out on the Monkey King, even a next-gen console game based on Wukong is expected to arrive sometime in 2023, be sure to check out Black Myth: Wukong‘s latest trailer here.

Here’s a quick look at 2019’s White Snake when it was release in the US in November 2019:

The official synopsis for New Gods: Nezha Reborn reads:

3000 years later after conquering the Dragon King, Nezha returns as young deliveryman Li Yunxiang who enjoys motor racing in his spare time. But when the arrogant wealthy son of Boss De (the Dragon King) beats him down, his deep anger turns into a blast of Truth Fire. Nezha, the God of Rebel, violent and egocentric, empowers Yunxiang, however the newly obtained uncontrollable power brings new harm to Yunxiang’s family and friends. Meanwhile, Nezha’s old enemies are seeking revenge too. Facing the twist of fate, Yunxiang has to find his own way to become a true hero…

New Gods: Nezha Reborn opens in cinemas in Singapore on 18 February 2021.

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