John Wick Prequel ‘The Continental’ Recruits Mel Gibson’s Lethal Weapon

The John Wick franchise started out as a revenge story, which then spiraled into its own branch of stylish brutality, turning into a modern study on the aestheticization of violence.

The Continental is a spin-off prequel that explores the origin behind the iconic hotel for assassins that has a significant presence in the franchise. It will be a three-night limited event series, with three 90-minute episodes.

Now, it has been confirmed that Mel Gibson will be joining the franchise. Gibson is famously known for his role as Martin Riggs, a Los Angeles Police Department narcotics Sergeant and former Special Forces soldier, in the Lethal Weapon franchise. When it comes to guns, Gibson is well-suited for a role, and has the potential to thrive in the rough savagery of the John Wick universe.

While we still don’t know much details about the specifics of Gibson’s role in The Continental, we know that the character’s name will be Cormac. This is definitely a show to keep an eye on.