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The Boys’ Cover Art Brought To Life For Adaptation Poster

Superheroes are here to save the world… right? Turns out that’s not always the case, at least with Garth Enis’ comic, The Boys.

It turns the whole glorious superhero trope on its head, painting them as unscrupulous and foolhardy, with egos that have overgrown their suits after all that fame and public-adulation have gotten to their heads — so far, far out from the usual noble, self-sacrificing mold we’ve been conditioned to expect from Marvel and DC.

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With this less honourable breed of heroes, the CIA squad, The Boys, has thus been brought in to act as a form of check and balance. The newly released poster of Amazon Studio’s adaptation is an almost perfect replica of the comic’s cover art, featuring Karl Urban (Star Trek Beyond, Thor: Ragnarok) as the leader of The Boys, the brutal Billy Butcher, flanked by Jack Quaid (Logan Lucky, Tragedy Girls) as Hughie, Tomer Kapon (Hostages, One Week and A Day) as Frenchie, Laz Alonso (The Mysteries of Laura) as Mother’s Milk,  and Karen Fukuhara (Suicide Squad) as The Female.

If the actual series is as accurate as this teaser poster, then fans of the comics should be in for a real treat. The series will be debuting sometime in 2019.

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