The Batman Official Logo & Poster Reveal Gives Us Jim Lee’s Knightwatch Vibes

It’s no secret that The Batman is shaping up to be the biggest title to grace the DCEU in recent years. Whether the fact that it stars a new Dark Knight in Robert Pattinson, or an entirely new Bat-story altogether, one thing’s for certain is that all eyes will be on director Matt Reeves when he joins the panel at the DC FanDome event this weekend.

But things just got a little more exciting with DC Comics and Warner Bros. dropping the official film’s logo and poster ahead of DC FanDome:

The logo above depicts the title in a bold red font against a black background, embossed over the new Bat-symbol that we’ve seen on Pattinson’s new Batsuit. This logo evokes a raw, aggressive tone, suggesting that the film might actually shape up to be something of the sort. After all, we’re getting some strong Mad Max vibes off of the new costume, as well as the muscle car-inspired Batmobile, as well as his Batcycle.

Additionally, the logo looks oddly familiar to a certain other DC movie made back in 2019. Coincidence? We think not.

Perhaps what’s more striking is the poster done up by Jim Lee. It shoes Robert Pattinson’s Batman in his full caped glory, albeit half-draped in shadow and against the same aggressive red backdrop seen in the logo.

The iconic artist and now Chief Creative Officer of DC Comics certainly did a number on it, and it is a nice throwback to the “Knightwatch” variant cover that he did for Batman issue #608 back in 2002.

While the poster and logo don’t exactly reveal much about the story details, it will no make our already painful wait for the theatrical release of The Batman on 1 October 2021.

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