Robert Pattinson’s Batman Symbol Seems To Be Using Gun Parts From Wayne Murder

The era for a new Batman has truly begun, with a brief (but highly satisfying) snippet of Robert Pattinson as The Batman in full costume was revealed by director Matt Reeves earlier today.

The video, just seconds shy of a minute’s duration, features Pattinson donning the cape and cowl for the very first time for the public to see, emerging from the darkness into a very dimly-lit red background.

And the first thing we see when he comes into view is the new chest symbol, an incredibly stylish yet battle-worn armoured suit that certainly evokes Batman: Arkham Knight vibes as we get a good few seconds to ogle at the new Dark Knight’s metallic chest.

Certainly a more refreshing take to the shiny suits we’d seen in the live-action Batmen of ages past. While nothing is yet said of the material that was used to make the suit, we like to imagine it was made using the metal from the gun that killed Bruce Wayne’s parents, as described in Detective Comics #1000 that released last year.

More pertinently, if you were to squint your eyes at the chest symbol a little more, you’d notice there’s no bat head. This is a really nice nod to the original Batman chest symbol that Bob Kane and Bill Finger used when the DC Comics icon was first created in 1939.

The camera then hovers upwards to reveal Pattinson in the cowl. While rubberised, it certainly looks menacing, especially with the red light contrasting the black. The little collar by the neck no doubt takes cues from Gotham By Gaslight, which adds an interesting Victorian twist to his cowl.

Though we’ve only gotten a glimpse of the top third of Robert Pattinson’s new Batsuit, Matt Reeves’ take on the Caped Crusader may be the most interesting one yet. Now we just need Battinson in full view, alongside his Batmobile (which we’re still hoping is a muscle car).

The Batman releases in theatres on 25 June 2021.