Marvel is taking a great leap forward in pushing ahead one of their lesser known superhero teams and making it into a full fledged movie.

Clarification here – compared the the Avengers and the X-Men, Guardians for the Galaxy are not exactly the top of every non-comic book fan’s mind. I’m sure even the Sinister Six has a familiar ring.

Guardians of the Galaxy - Peter Quill
Chris Pratt stars as Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy. Recently, you’d know him as Emmet from the LEGO Movie

The marketing folks at Disney and Marvel seem to be holding the cards pretty close to their chest for a movie slated for release in July/August to release a trailer this close to launch. Keeping expectations in check if always good especially with a less recognizable title.

In the meantime, enjoy the trailer above and if you need to learn more check out the modern Guardians of the Galaxy wiki or even play as them in the recent LEGO Marvel Super Heroes!

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