I had figured that The Last of Us would have been the last title that I would pop into the aging PlayStation 3 and laud over. It seems that my love for LEGO Minifigures and the Marvel universe decided to prove me wrong. After no less than 12 LEGO titles, Traveller’s Tales just might have created perfection in this genre. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is by far the best action/puzzle/licensed tie-in Lego game that I’ve ever played. If you are a fan of the Marvel universe, this is the title that you should pick up; the amount of fan service poured into this game simply staggering.

Fandom love

If only I had each minifig in real life!
If only I had each minifig in real life!

With close to over 100 playable characters to mess around with, Traveller’s Tales had an extensive canvas to paint this beautiful masterpiece. While the gameplay is pretty much the same old run-and-smash trope that we have all come to expect from Traveller’s Tales, something is just different about LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. My favourite superhero beat-em-up would have to be the aged, X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse, and comparing that to LEGO Marvel Super Heroes we easily witness how far the superhero video game genre has come.

Even the more recent Marvel Ultimate Alliance series pales in comparison.

Traveller’s Tales seems to have designed almost every character to exude their own quirk that you would have to discover on your own. My personal favourite would have to be Mr Fantastic and Wolverine. As Mr Fantastic, you would transform into various forms to solve puzzles, depending on the situation. Need to put out a fire? There’s fire engine Mr Fantastic to the rescue! Taking too much damage as Wolverine and you would reduce him to Adamantium bones! Once again, with so many characters to unlock, there’s bound to be something new to discover each time. I’ve only been able to work through less than a quarter of the characters shown above and I’m still thirsting for more. Pretty sure if you could name a recognizable Marvel character, you would be able to unlock him in the game and he would bring his own unique charm into the game.

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An almost perfect minifigure mold

The game oozes with cool as you are able to roam about New York City to do…stuff. There’s just so much to do in this mode that “stuff” is pretty much the best word to describe the amount of activities available. In a nutshell, apart from the main story mode, this would be the best opportunity for a player to grind out more studs to purchase even more characters in the game.

I’m not the biggest fan of GTA style open world games but this mode is the perfect example to waste an entire afternoon. Combine this activity with a friend via split screen the the fun doubles, literally. The awesome part of this all would be that both characters on screen are independent of each other and are free to go about their own business should you choose to do so for the most part.

Who needs to drive when you’ve got a suit capable of flight?!

While New York City would be my favourite part of the entire game (apart from unlock more heroes), the main story mode of the game is something that could use a bit more work. The puzzle sequences of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is one key portion that is a big letdown at times.

Each puzzle has a particular way that requires the skills the characters to overcome. However, it seems that the game doesn’t detect the heroes attempting to solve the puzzles that well. It could take more than a few tries to get the sequence going, you would need to get your character standing at the most precise of areas in order to solve the puzzle.

It might be less frustrating for older gamers to overcome but when a game is this colourful and attractive, it is the younger audiences that might just throw in the towel early on. That being said, this could be pretty much the only issue that I could find in the entire game. Simply sticking to free roam New York and all would be good.

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The Marvel Universe title you’ve always wanted

I’m pretty awed at how Traveller’s Tales has been able to whip up a title that has so much variety in terms of characters and at the same time give each and every character some form of special attention. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is simply by far the best superhero title I’ve ever played. There’s just so much that I could narrate and risk being overly long winded. If you are a fan of either LEGO or the Marvel Universe, this is one title that I am able to readily recommend in a heartbeat!

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Let down only by poor puzzle sequences at times, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is the ultimate LEGO title for anyone who loves the two universes. Traveller's Tale has a tough act to follow after this.



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