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TGS 2018: Final Assault Is Real-Time Strategy Done Right On The PS VR

VR and RTS, who knew that they could make for such a successful formula?

TGS 2018: Five More Things We Learnt About Days Gone

We got to know a tad bit more about Days Gone, direct from the folks at Bend Studio.

TGS 2018 Exclusive: Ushering A Golden Age of PS4 With PlayStation’s Shuhei Yoshida

We caught up with Shuhei Yoshida-san during TGS 2018.

TGS 2018: Scenes From The Tokyo Game Show

Here's a compilation of random shots from the show floors of the Tokyo Game Show 2018.

TGS 2018: Frenetic Shootouts Aplenty In Blood & Truth (PS VR)

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TGS 2018: Get Ready For Another Bug Hunt With Two New Earth Defense Force Games

Get ready to for some silly, over-the-top blasting of giant ants and robots in the next 2 instalments...

TGS 2018: Concrete Genie Combats Bullying With Creativity

Create gorgeous paintings with a magical brush in this hidden PS4 gem.

TGS 2018 – Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Has Souls and Bloodborne In Its DNA

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TGS 2018: Capcom Shows Off Devil May Cry 5 and Resident Evil 2 Remake Trailers

The return of a familiar face, and the appearance of a new one.

TGS 2018: The Booth Babes Of Tokyo Game Show

Here's a compilation of booth babes from TGS 2018.

TGS 2018: Jump Force Collector’s Edition, Season Pass And Closed Beta Details

The exclusive 30cm tall diorama statue of Luffy, Naruto, and Goku is to die for!

TGS 2018 – Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown VR Mode & Pre-Order Details Take Flight

Ace Combat 7 will come packed with three exclusive VR missions, and pre-order incentives galore.