Until Dawn’s Supermassive Games Redefines Horror This August With Man Of Medan

Until Dawn developer, Supermassive Games has revealed that Man of Medan, the first instalment of their interactive horror series, the Dark Pictures Anthology, will be released for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC on August 30.

With that announcement comes a brand new unsettlingly creepy trailer that provides another look at the kind of decisions players might be presented with during the game. By the looks of everything we’ve seen so far, it seems that Supermassive’s Man of Medan will be building on the cinematic experience of their first interactive slasher horror game Until Dawn.

This time, instead of a large cabin in the middle of the woods, Man of Medan will take place on a ghost ship in the middle of the sea. The horror game will follow a group of young American tourists as they take a boat trip in search of a shipwreck from the Second World War. Following a storm out at sea, the group is left trapped aboard a seemingly abandoned ghost ship, and are forced to face the many secrets hidden in the ship.

The ghost ship is apparently based on the legend of the SS Ourang Medan, an alleged ghost ship whose entire crew was found dead under mysterious circumstances in the 1940s.

Those who preorder Man of Medan prior to its release will be given access to the Curator’s Cut from day one of the game’s release. The Curator’s Cut comes with new perspectives, options, and choices which will lead to new scenes, decisions, and outcomes not featured in the original playthrough. Players who did not preorder the game will only be able to access the Curator’s Cut for free sometime around the end of November.  

We might also get more information about Man of Medan during Bandai Namco’s showcase (who is publishing it in Asia) during E3 2019 happening in June.

Preorders for Man of Medan are up on Amazon for US$29.99.