Super Mario Sequel Can Introduce Nintendo Cinematic Universe Teases Chris Pratt

With the success of Barbie inspiring a cinematic universe for other Mattel products, and Sonic following suit with plans for one of their own, what about Nintendo? Ever since the success of the Super Mario Bros. Movie spawned a sequel arriving in April 2026, star Chris Pratt (Guardians of the Galaxy) is on board with the idea of a Nintendo Cinematic Universe.

nintendo cinematic universe

The first movie previously crossed the US$1 billion mark, becoming the third highest-grossing animated film at the box office of all time, and fans have high hopes for the sequel, including Pratt, who plays Mario.

Speaking to ScreenRant, Pratt offered a possibility of how it could take shape, “There are decades worth of [games] to explore, not only with Mario and Peach and Donkey Kong and Luigi and Bowser and Yoshi; that was teased at the end. But it just gets me so excited … thinking about how everything from Legend of Zelda to the entire Nintendo cinematic universe could be created and what that could look like for all of these characters that I love? I mean, there’s really no limit. We could talk about it for hours.”

If a Nintendo Cinematic Universe gets introduced, there’s plenty of possibilities a series of spin-offs could take inspiration from. Which Nintendo character are you most excited for that deserves their own movie?