Stranger Things Season 4 Teaser Implies The Upside Down Could Take Over The World

It’s only been about three months since the premiere of the third season of Stranger Things, but we’re already aching to see what will happen after that cliffhanger of a final episode.

From Nike shoes, to a new Monopoly set, a Dungeons & Dragons box set, and even an in-game event on Fortnite, the influence of the hit Netflix Original TV series has spread far and wide. But above all, we just want to see what will happen in the next season, and this new teaser trailer has whetted our appetites so.

The 45-second trailer shows the signature red-neon title of Stranger Things, accompanied by a large “4” behind it. However, instead of lighting up all the way through, we see that it eventually gets covered up in the muck typically associated with the Upside Down.


This, of course, implies that the Upside Down will play a much larger part in the story of Season 4, which opens up new avenues for storytelling for the main cast of characters. Also, we’re not forgetting that the Soviet Russians have somehow gotten control of the Demogorgon, as seen in last season’s post-credits scene.

We won’t be surprised if they lose control of the Demogorgon, and inadvertently bring about the Upside Down upon the rest of the world.


Another pertinent factor in this new trailer is the words “We’re Not In Hawkins Anymore” at the end. Again, no surprises here as the Byers family was last seen moving out of the little offshoot town. At this stage of the story, Will Byers would have the strongest connection to the Upside Down, especially after Eleven lost her powers, so it would make sense for Will to sense the forces of the Upside Down stir once more at the start of the season.

Lead us, Dungeon Master.

And what of the fate of Jim Hopper? Black Widow duties aside, we’re still in the dark as to whether or not David Harbour’s character is truly dead and gone, but one can always hope.

Fun Fact: His character’s first name on Black Widow is also Alexei.

For now, we’ll just keep humming along to “The Neverending Story”.