Hasbro Unleashes The Upside Down In New Stranger Things Collector’s Edition Monopoly

It’s been a week and then some for the third season of Stranger Things, but the furor certainly hasn’t died yet. From classic Nike sneakers, to a Dungeons & Dragons game, and even a series of cosmetics on Fortnite, the influence of the Upside Down has spread far and wide.

This time, Hasbro strikes again, with a new Stranger Things Collector’s Edition Monopoly set.


The box resembles the vintage 1984 TV as seen in the show which is a nice homage as a start. The board sports images of scenes in the show, while still retaining the visual structure of a typical Monopoly game.


Several new additions to this version of Monopoly include Forts and glow-in-the-dark hideouts, which replace the standard Houses and Hotels. There is a new 4-sided die that you’ll roll aside from the regular 6-sided dice, which glow as well.

The tokens for the Stranger Things Monopoly set are all homages to the show’s characters across all three seasons. You have Robin’s sailor hat, Will’s cassette tape, Eleven’s Eggo, Lucas’ Slingshot, Jim Hopper’s sheriff hat (pictured above), the walkie talkie used by the four boys, Jonathan’s camera, Dart/Demogorgon, Mike’s 20-sided die, Steve’s nailed baseball bat, and Max’s skateboard.


Here’s a synopsis of the Monopoly set:

In the Monopoly Game: Stranger Things Collector’s Edition, the Upside Down looms larger than ever before! Fans of the Netflix Original Series can enjoy an awesome unboxing experience with artwork inspired by the show. Players race between the tunnels under Hawkins to buy as many properties as they can. Instead of Houses and Hotels, this edition of the Monopoly board game features Forts and Hideouts – and the Hideouts glow in the dark. Look out for the Upside Down cards — they can provide special powers and change a fortune! The last player with money when all other players have gone bankrupt wins.

The Stranger Things Collector’s Edition Monopoly set is available now for pre-order on GameStop, and will retail for US$49.90.