Star Ocean The Divine Force Revealed, Set For 2022 Launch

It has been a long 25 years since the first Star Ocean game was released, and following seven other entries of mainline titles, spinoffs, and even a mobile debut, we finally have something new to look forward to. At October’s PlayStation State of Play presentation, Star Ocean The Divine Force was officially revealed.

Developed by Square Enix and tri-Ace, the RPG series’ latest game will arrive on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 in 2022. If you were looking for your sci-fi slash fantasy fix with all the fixings of the series, then Star Ocean The Divine Force will make you really excited.

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The PlayStation blog post revealed that the game will feature:

  • A story that changes based on the choices made, where heroes intersect between the two worlds of sci-fi and fantasy
  • A rich lineup of playable characters 
  • Freedom to fly around the environment 
  • Three-dimensional traversal and exploration where everything in-sight is a field for adventure 
  • The Star Ocean game with the fastest and mightiest action in the series

Similar to what we saw from Bandai Namco’s Tales of Arise, Star Ocean The Divine Force will have dual protagonists, each from a different civilisation. However, depending on who you choose, your allies will change. Expect to see plenty of other characters that will join your party and are playable as well.

Star Ocean The Divine Force Revealed, Set For 2022 Launch

With a big open world, players will be able to “fly in the sky and traverse three-dimensionally through one of the largest fields ever in the series.” Action is also instantaneous, going from movement into combat at incredibly high speeds, which should bump up the pace quite a bit.

With the fate of the universe is in your hands, what will you do to save the present you know? We will all find out when Star Ocean The Divine Force launches sometime in 2022.