Spoiler Alert: Leaked Hasbro Toy Reveals How The Avengers Might Defeat Thanos in Avengers: Endgame

Spoiler warning ahead.

We warned you.

You clicked into this article willingly and we are giving you ample time to close the window and walk away.


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Here it is.

What we have here is a look at the Infinity Gauntlet, but it’s not the same one we are familiar with.

The one pictured is rather different than the one Thanos wields and based on the colour scheme and look, it might be one that is put together by Tony Stark.

Could it be that this is the Hail Mary that Stark talks about?

This is by far the biggest reveal we’ve seen with a toy from Avengers: Endgame thus far. And toys have had a bad rep for being spoilery.

Let’s see if this actually comes true and if it does we can’t wait to see how it all breaks down.