'Speed Crew' Races To Nintendo Switch & PC This June With Spontaneous Co-op Chaos

‘Speed Crew’ Races To Nintendo Switch & PC This June With Spontaneous Co-op Chaos

Cooperation between people is often how things can get done in a swift and effective fashion, and in video games, we have seen the likes of Overcooked and Moving Out distil teamwork into chaos and entertaining disasters. Now, that blend of mayhem is coming to motorsports, as Ukrainian developers Wild Fields prepares to get off to the races with Speed Crew.

Set to arrive on Nintendo Switch this June and PC at a later date, Speed Crew puts you in charge of an elite motorsports crew. Suiting up as a member of a racing team’s pit crew, up to four players must replace tires, repair damage, and aim to get their drivers back in the race before time is up.

With over 40 different ways to fix cars, many of which involve multi-step processes, only the most well-oiled crews will have what it takes to reach the checkered flag. This is no leisurely Sunday drive, as you will need to contend with dynamic environments too. Moving floors, sudden weather changes, and locking gates all grease the wheels of complexity to even the most simple seeming pit stop.

Speed Crew offers options for both local and online cooperative play with up to four players, ensuring that a global crew can get to work the same as a local one. The game also leans into its vibrant aesthetic by offering an extensive range of both character and vehicle customisation options.

If that wasn’t enough, the game pays homage to the legends of motorsports with distinct levels set in the 1970s, 1980s and beyond, where style was just as important as speed.

For players who have been searching for the next co-op game to destroy their friendships with, it won’t hurt to check out Speed Crew when it launches in just a few months.