Samsung Galaxy A14 Gaming Test – Genshin Impact, COD: Mobile, PUBG & Diablo Immortal

It’s always nice to have options that cater to the various user needs, and the smartphone market is no different. Where flagship phones promise faster speeds and pack more of a punch, the lower-end models are ideal for those seeking affordable, yet fully-functional alternatives. The Samsung Galaxy A14 is the latest entry-level model to join the fray, and it puts forth a fairly decent showing on the gaming front.

Powered on a MediaTek Dimensity 700 chipset, the device performed beyond expectations in Genshin ImpactCall of Duty: MobilePUBG Mobile, and Diablo Immortal, especially in the area of thermal management. Clocking a highest temperature of 41 degrees, the device handles the heat better than some of the higher-end phones, showing no signs of throttling in both Call of Duty: MobilePUBG Mobile.

There were also no signs of frame drops or stutter on the phone’s 6.6-inch LCD screen (1,080 x 2,408 resolution at 90Hz) in these two mobile shooters, though gameplay in Genshin Impact and Diablo Immortal was significantly rougher. With the latter two titles being more graphically-demanding, however, that’s only to be expected, so it’s best to lower the settings before playing.

Check out the above video for a detailed breakdown of the gaming test, which involves running the games at the highest settings, and temperature-taking before and after the test.

The Samsung Galaxy A14 is available now on the official Samsung website, Amazon, Lazada, and Shopee for S$318.