Overcooked! 2’s Moon Harvest Festival Update Lets You Make Mooncakes With Your Friends, For Free

The Mid-Autumn Festival is here and we all know what that means. Mooncakes, lanterns, and the sight of a beautiful full moon gracing our night sky.

To help celebrate the start of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Team17 and Ghost Town Games have released a new update to Overcooked! 2, the free Moon Harvest Festival (Not to be confused with Harvest Moon the video game).

The free update will see characters in the game welcoming the Mid-Autumn Festival with three new mooncake recipes that you can have fun making with your friends, as well as five new Asian-themed maps, some featuring lily pads that sink as soon as someone steps over them.

For those not familiar with the festival, the Mid-Autumn Festival, otherwise known as the Mooncake Festival is a festival celebrated in many East Asian countries, particularly China where it is often viewed as a time of reunion for the family, with family members coming together for dinner and to light paper lanterns and, of course, feast on some delicious mooncakes.

The Moon Harvest Festival update will be available for free to all players and is the latest in a series of free seasonal updates the developers have prepared for the award-winning multiplayer game. 

Overcooked! 2 is available on the PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.