Sony Reportedly Working On A Set Of VR Gloves For PS5

Just when virtual reality couldn’t get any more immersive, the boundaries of what you can actually experience there get pushed every day. This time, Sony is rumoured to be developing aset of gloves specifically for VR games.

This interesting tidbit comes from a set of new patent notes leaked out onto the internet. The notes go into detail explaining how the mechanics work.

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Here’s TL:DR – the PSVR gloves provide “haptic feedback based on a type of interaction detected.” This means that whatever you touch in game will provide you some form of feedback.

If you’re putting two and two together, this means that you’ll be able to make out the textures of objects in the game as if they were in real life.

If you’ve ever wanted to know what it’s like wielding one of the bazillion guns in Borderlands 3, slide across surfaces in the upcoming Blood & Truth VR game, or punch somebody in the face as Batman in the Arkham games, you’ll probably be able to do so.

Pretty cool, huh? But wait, it doesn’t stop there! If you were to read the patent notes a little more closely, you’d notice that there’s also talk of “an article of clothing capable of being worn by a user such as a hat, footwear, pants of shirt.” Iron Man suit, anyone?

But of course, the concept of the PSVR gloves is merely a patent and no news on developments have surfaced as of yet, but considering how quickly technology evolves these days, we won’t be surprised to see something like that come to fruition within the next ten years.

It might even become a staple of the upcoming PS5.

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