Skull Island Goes Full-On Anime In Netflix Expansion Of Legendary’s MonsterVerse

Skull Island will soon be getting a new home outside of the film universe…well, not quite. As Netflix continues to gear up for its upcoming wave of adaptations, King Kong’s oh-so-famous home is next in line to receive the anime treatment, with Castlevania studio Powerhouse Animation holding the reins of production.

Titled, well, Skull Island, the title is set in the same universe as Legendary’s recent slate of Godzilla and King Kong movies. As the official tweet details, it will feature a shipwrecked crew on their journey of survival, after they land on a monster-infested island with a king who “rule(s) them all.”

Needless to say, said ruler is very, very likely to be Kong himself, which also means there should be plenty of juicy action to look forward to. The news comes at a time where Godzilla vs Kong is set to debut in less than two months, though it’d take a while before the animated screenplay can take off in full capacity.

Apart from Skull Island, Netflix has another project in the pipeline as well. In a continued focus on video game adaptations, the streaming service is working on a new Tomb Raider anime that’s expected to take place after the events of Shadow of the Tomb Raider, the last in the rebooted game trilogy.

No release dates have been announced for either series, but there’s a possibility that the latter project will drop nearer to the premiere of MGM’sTomb Raider sequel, which sees Lovecraft Country director Misha Green at the helm.