Singapore Comic Con (SGCC) 2023 Event Highlights

The time for Singapore Comic Con (SGCC) has come around once again! Packed with hundreds of booths and activities over two floors while filled with over thousands of guests on Day 1, there’s truly a vast amount of geekery for fans to catch. 

With this year bigger and better than ever, we scour the floors for the must-catch highlights of the event.

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For Star Wars fans, you’ll find yourself transported to a galaxy far far away as Star Wars has occupied both floors at booths such as Sabermach (L1-B05) and the 501st Legion Singapore Garrison (B2-D07). Merchandise and lightsabers ablaze, fans will find themselves lost in the Star Wars collection up for offer this year. 

The 501st Legion is also hosting a charity photobooth where a minimum S$10 donation will allow fans to take photos with troopers on standby. Proceeds will go to the KKH Health Fund, which supports needy patients, programmes, research and education.

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Tokidoki (L1-C01) is back this year as well, grabbbing attention from afar with their shop encompassed by walls filled with their trademark larger-than-life characters and striking pop colours. Fans can make their whole area their photo booth, or be treated with the indulgent range of tokidoki merchandise in-store, ranging from event-limited art prints to bags, lego builds and figurines.

Italian artist and creator of tokidoki Simone Legno is also at SGCC 2023 for both days of the convention from 2:30pm to 4pm, so it’s a chance not to miss if you’re heading down!

As a key partner, sponsor and designer of the SGCC mascot, Singapore toy company Mighty Jaxx (L1-E04) comes back with their extensive showcase of collectibles. Their range of collectibles for the casual to hardcore fans is a feast for the eyes, though holding onto the purse strings proves tough! The cherry on top is the three life-sized Mr. Sudsy (Hunted Edition), Disney 100: Mickey Mouse Transformation (Wonder Edition) and Freeny’s Hidden Dissectables One-Piece (Luffy’s Gear Edition) Gear 5 figures, which works great as photo spots.

Artist Jason Freeny, known for his dissectible collectables, and Singaporean cosplayer Rurusama were also at the booth for signing sessions and meet-and-greets.  

Most notably, Mighty Jaxx has presented the global debut of Luffy’s Gear 5 collectible before its public release, and a new line of Syndicats: Nyakuza polystone art toys, created in collaboration with ASEAN artists.

Infinity Studio (L1-C01), meanwhile, promises a glorious collection of intricate figurines this year, including event-exclusive Hatsune Miku and Pisces figurines, as well as characters from Batman, Lord of the Rings, Neon Genesis Evangelion, World of Warcraft, and more. Most notably, their range of figurines featuring character splash arts from the game series, League of Legends, catches the eye with their detail.

Similarly, award-winning collectible producer XM Studios (L1-C01) showcases the quality of their highly detailed figurines across Marvel and DC. As visitors walk around their booth, they can spy figurines ranging from new collectible releases, such as Optimus Primal and Megatron, to all-time favourites like Spider-Man.

This year, XM Studios has decided to display a rare showcase of visuals from their developmental process in producing a new statue. This includes concept art for their unreleased Ultraman Genesis Series and 3D renders of their unpainted Batman Family Diorama. 

If you’ve grown up on a steady diet of Hong Kong manhua, the Hong Kong Manhua Original Art Gallery (B2-D08a) is a huge must-go. The exhibit celebrates the 60th anniversary of the career of the “Godfather of Hong Kong Comics”, manhua artist, publisher and actor Tony Wong, also known as Wong Yuk-Long. Some of his most classic works include Little Rascals (originally titled Oriental Heroes) and Weapon of the Gods.

Visitors will find themselves surrounded by over 180 amazing original art pieces and manhua panels, both in colour and black and white, created by Tony Wong. Expect artwork from other popular and renowned illustrators, too, such as Andy Seto (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (臥虎藏龍)), Jerry Cho (Dead End (死角)), and Fung Chi Ming (Dagger, Sword, Laugh (刀劍笑)).

The booth will also hold special surprise guest appearances by the four artists above, a rare experience that fans should definitely catch.

For Marvel and DC Comics enthusiasts, Kalibak’s Komics (L1-AA26-27) has brought out an impressive collection for their buying and viewing pleasure, with rows of comics available for grabs.

With detailed, silk artworks framed around their booth, art collectible gallery Square Art (L1-C01) is also hard to miss. Back this year with a bigger collection than before, it features multiple local and international artists spanning a wide range of styles. 

Square Art shares that the artworks are more sustainable by printing them on silk, and customers can choose to frame the art pieces, wear them as shawls or sew them into their clothing. Visitors are also welcome to share their art by doodling on their booth walls, or take home their free stickers.

Bandai Namco (L1-C01) makes a return with an extended spread of figurines that makes it difficult for fans to resist purchasing. Just to name a few of the figurines up for display at the Tamashii Nations booth – Gundam Universe, Naruto, One Piece, Spy X Family, Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero, and many more. 

As always, the tabletop community is in full swing at SGCC 2023, as the large spread of booths – including Sambal and Mages (B2-C05), with their handmade resin dice, and Magic: the Gathering (B2-B01) – promises two days of non-stop immersion in tabletop gaming. The booths welcome all with open arms, offering play sessions designed to cater to every level of experience, from newcomers to veteran players. Expert instructors are also around to give a boost at any time.

From Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) and Magic: The Gathering, to Warhammer 40K and X-Wing, players can get hands-on experience for all their beloved tabletop games, be it much-played games or games you’ve had an eye on. This year truly hosts a haven of tabletop games.

A new addition to SGCC 2023, The Arcade People (B2-D08) have laid down a wide spectrum of arcade machines to satisfy cravings. Apart from classic claw machines, Mario Kart, and intense multiplayer arcade games like Bishibashi, visitors can catch a Spider-Man and Star Wars-themed pinball machine as well. Slot in the coin, and you might accidentally find yourself caught in there for hours.

Per usual SGCC fare, there is a plethora of exciting stage performances, from the Symphonic G-On set piece by the community-based PAssionArts AudioImage Wind Ensemble, to live D&D session Dungeons and Distractions.

Of course, there’s so much more to visit and look at, including the Artist Alley, Cybertron Fest, Creator’s Con, cosplays, and other booths of almost everything there is to geek about. Don’t miss the chance to fully satisfy all your geek cravings at SGCC 2023, which ends 10 December.