Hasbro’s Transformers: Cybertron Fest At SGCC 2023 Rolls Out Exclusive Collectibles, Workshops & More

There’s so much more than meets the eye as Transformers: Cybertron Fest, hosted by Hasbro Singapore, is rolling out at Singapore Comic Con (SGCC) 2023, promising a comprehensive Transformers experience for fans and collectors of the iconic toy franchise. It doesn’t matter if you’re team Autobots, Decepticons, Maximals, Predacons, or Terrorcons as this year’s SGCC, held on 9 and 10 December, is marking a rise of the machines into all things Transformers.

From the Cybertronian, Instagram-worthy entrance, to the experiential engagement area, Transformers: Cybertron Fest offers a comprehensive product display zone that honours the past and showcases the future of the mega franchise, including the display of rare figurines from Generation 1 and 2, Beast Wars, as well as Legacy Trilogy. This also includes hard-to-find comic books from all the way back in 1985, and up to new limited edition figures from Takara Tomy. 

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Here are some things to look out for at the event.

Hasbro Pulse

There are Transformers fans, and there are the ones who focus on Hasbro Pulse, the brand’s online store that releases exclusive figurines and collectibles made for the biggest fans. And by biggest, you would probably have seen the massive War on Cybertron Unicron figurine online, and here’s your chance to get up close with it in real life. 

Previously only available in the US, Hasbro Pulse has finally made its debut in Asia, in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and more recently Taiwan. The showcase at SGCC marks the first time that Hasbro Pulse will have a physical product presence in Singapore, where it will include past HasLab projects such as Victory Saber, along with sneak peeks of the latest Pulse Exclusives and products revealed at Pulse Con and MCM London Comic Con, including Transformers Studio Series: Leader Transformers: Bumblebee 109 Concept Art Megatron (last seen at Pulse Con), and Transformers Collaborative: Stranger Things x Transformers Code Red (last seen at MCM London Comic Con).

Adding to the excitement is a chance to win the crowdfunded Deathsaurus project for newsletter subscribers. No, Deathsaurus is not a new Transformers character, but since HasLab previously brought the Japanese Transformer Victory Saber to life and global audiences as a figurine, it’s time to give the archnemesis of the Supreme Commander of the Autobots some love, as the powerful and ruthless Decepticon is the next HasLab project.

Transformers Showcase Zone

The Transformers Showcase Zone features an Insta-worthy entrance that transports you to Cybertron, where you can catch a wide range of Transformers products. This is a treasure-trove for fans and collectors, as you will be the first in the world to see the global reveal of the Transformers Legacy Titan! 

The excitement continues with a special showcase featuring the Dragon Year (since 2024 is the Year of the Dragon) Transformers toy, and limited edition figures from the Takara Tomy collection. For the first 100 purchases each day, customers will be gifted with exclusive merchandise.

A special call out to Transformers Fans who are planning to visit Cybertron Fest, there will be two days of Cybertron Fest Exclusive sales for January and February 2024 release items, so get your hands on the items before anyone else!

More details and toys will be unveiled during the event on both Hasbro and our Instagram pages, so keep an eye out.

The event will also host a fan collection showcase that includes Optimus Prime and Megatron collections. The World’s Smallest Optimus Prime figurine will also be on display, which is something to look forward to! More Than Meets The Eye right?

A must-visit, the Licensed Merchandise Zone offers an array of stylish lifestyle products and stunning collectibles from partners like Agora, killerbody, threezero, XM Studios, and yolopark. Noteworthy exhibits include Agora’s 78cm-tall Optimus Prime model kit with lights and sounds, killerbody’s voice-changing Transformers helmets, and Robosen’s auto-converting robots. 

XM Studios will also showcase its largest-ever collection of Transformers statues, including the exclusive reveal of the Optimus Primal statue. For collectors, yolopark is also presenting its Advanced Model Kit Pro Megatron in an exclusive colour, available only at Cybertron Fest.

Transformers Interactive Zone

The Transformers Interactive Zone offers engaging activities. Participate in the ‘Pose Your Transformers Bot’ photography contest with a chance to win an OSIM uThrone V Gaming Chair (worth S$1,599). To enter, fans can tag @HasbroSingapore on Instagram, and hashtag #CybertronFest2023Contest by 8pm on 10 December

This workshop will be hosted by Plastic Singapore – a fan community passionate about giving creative shots to toy figurines. Get supported with the diorama set up, lighting and props arrangement during the event day, all for free. No sign-up is needed, just show up with your favourite Transformers bots or use the Transformers bot that we will arrange on-site.

For the creatively inclined, there is a free ‘Paint and Transform’ workshop where participants can customise the Transformers bot by repainting them and take home their very own Transformers bot. 

The Kids Play Zones offer young fans interactive engagement with Transformers toys. Meet-and-Greet sessions with the iconic Optimus Prime will be available as well. For gamers, the Transformers EarthSpark game and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang with Transformers skins are available for trial, with exclusive skins up for grabs (limited to the first 100 redemptions each day).

The innovative offerings from Robosen will also bring the Autobots to life. This technology company specialises in creating advanced consumer robots that automatically transform with just a voice command or a tap on the mobile app, from Optimus Prime to Grimlock. 

Adding to the interactive experience, augmented reality trading card company Vanch will also introduce their Transformers trading cards, enhanced with AR technology. These cards aren’t just for collection, as they enable players to dive into immersive battles, both online and offline. Players can collect these digital cards and summon their favourite characters to challenge opponents in thrilling battles. These cards will also be retailing at the event. 

Hasbro’s Cybertron Fest 2023 blends nostalgia and innovation, creating a memorable experience for Transformers fans of all ages at this year’s SGCC.

Visit the Cybertron Fest 2023 website for more information.